2017 Chapel Hill Expert FLASH Survey (CHES) 


This survey was carried out in January and February 2018, and asked about party positions in 2017. It is a reduced survey that focuses on a smaller set of EU member states. The survey asks all the standard questions on EU placement, economic and social party positioning. In terms of policy issues, the survey focuses on the key questions facing Europe in 2017 -- EU economic coordination, populism, and migration. 


PIs: Ryan Bakker, Liesbet Hooghe, Seth Jolly, Gary Marks, Jon Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova. Research assistance by David Attewell and Jelle Koedam.

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Polk, Jonathan, Jan Rovny, Ryan Bakker, Erica Edwards, Liesbet Hooghe, Seth Jolly, Jelle Koedam, Filip Kostelka, Gary Marks, Gijs Schumacher, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova and Marko Zilovic. 2017. "Explaining the salience of anti-elitism and reducing political corruption for political parties in Europe with the 2014 Chapel Hill Expert Survey data," Research & Politics (January-March): 1-9.



2017 Means data (in csv)

2017 Expert-level data (in csv


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